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Carriage Tour

Come take a tour of carriages.

If you would like to see carriages "in real life," you should be sure to visit our listing of museums. This listing will allow you to find carriage collections in your area or in regions to which you plan to travel.

To see the former carriage and coach collection of John M. Seabrook, click here

Our tour includes the following carriages (Click on the carriage name to see a picture and description)...
Livery-Driven Vehicles
Concord Coach
Park Drag
Bachelor Brougham
Dress Landau
Glass Coach
Hansom Cab
Sporting Carriages
Body Break
Stanhope Phaeton
Spider Phaeton
Extension Top Surrey
Gooch Wagon
Basket-Body George IV Phaeton
Pony Wagonette
Gigs & Carts
Dennett Gig
Cocking Cart
Fore-Door Comfort Cutter
Four Passenger Sleigh
Another Four Passenger Sleigh
Four Passenger Bob Sleigh
Portland Cutter
Six Passenger Swell-Body Sleigh
Commercial Vehicles
Mountain Wagon
Station Omnibus
Steam Pumper
Tea Wagon
National-Type Carriages
Gypsy Caravan
Jaunting Car
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