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Cocking Cart
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The Dog-Cart is a common carriage among collectors. It was made with a ventilated compartment used to carry hounds to the fox hunt. Similarly the Cocking Cart was used to accommodate fighting cocks. Again, as in the case of the Dog-Cart, these carriages developed into pleasure carts and were rarely used to transport either cocks or hounds. This kind of vehicle would normally have been driven in tandem and that’s the reason for its height. This characteristic also makes it a difficult carriage to drive and it could easily have been thrown out of balance by any sudden movement of the groom in the rear. This is a contemporary reproduction of an original and it was accomplished by Dieter E. Gaiser, of Germany, in 1985. A choice piece among collectors would be one of the C.P. Kimball & Company’s high, six passenger Cocking Carts. It would probably have been pulled by 3 horses abreast. Kimball, a Chicago company, built such a vehicle in 1892.
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