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Dress Landau
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(THE COSON CARRIAGE COLLECTION AT BEECHDALE, published by The Carriage Association.)
It seems that the Landau is a design of German origin, perhaps from the Bavarian town of Landau. It meets all the criteria of the Coach family even though it does not have a fixed roof, but a top that folds down or up in 2 separate pieces which generally lock-up at a center point. The entrance door is generally low and usually has a step for easy entry. Interior seats, allowing for 4 people, face each other. The driver's seat, of course, is elevated and on the outside of the carriage. The Landau pictured here represents a variety with a canoe shaped bottom line, or continuous curve, rather than the more common drop-center that has much more angular lines. This carriage is called a Dress Landau and would have been used exclusively by noble families and only on special or ceremonial occasions. Note the crest on the door panel. Such formal vehicles would have been highly unusual in America. This Landau was manufactured in Stuttgart, Germany, by F & W Munch, in approximately 1890.
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