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Stanhope Phaeton
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Fitzroy Stanhope was a designer of carriages in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Several vehicles are associated with his name because of their similarities in design to those of his much earlier vehicles. The Stanhope Phaeton is one of those. This carriage is sometimes called a Demi-Mail Phaeton because it is a lighter version of the Mail Phaeton. The Stanhope Phaeton is so named because its' body is so similar to the gig design of Fitzroy Stanhope with a groom's seat added. Many purists would argue that this carriage should not be referred to as a Stanhope because it does not include the type of forecarriage design to which shafts might be fastened. However, its manufacturer, Brewster & Company, designated it a Stanhope Phaeton and the term has become commonly used. This particular Phaeton was manufactured in 1900 for an H. S. Smithers. It is certainly not a common vehicle, but many companies manufactured them and hundreds have survived to this day.
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